When Difficult Legal Issues Arise
Trust an Experienced Attorney

The Right Attorney for Your Family

Family challenges like divorce, disputes over child custody and support, and other situations are often the source of emotional stress and can cause fear about the future. In such difficult times, it is in your best interest to lean on the knowledge of an experienced family law attorney to pursue a favorable result so you can move forward.

With more than two decades of experience practicing law, I started my own private firm in order to provide high-quality legal counsel to individuals and families in and around the greater Groton, Massachusetts area. I have the legal understanding and family law insight needed to lead you and your family in the right direction.

When possible, working to solve problems through mediation can be a valuable tool to avoid lengthy and contentious courtroom battles. As a member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, I can work with you to meet with all parties involved to pursue an amicable resolution to the situation for everyone involved.

If you live in the greater Groton, Massachusetts area and are facing complicated family legal issues, you don't have to face them alone. I will stand by you to understand your circumstances, explain your options, and help you seek the best possible outcome. Contact me at Bellerose Law Offices, P.C., today to schedule a consultation.

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Face Your Legal Matters with Confidence

Your family and your estate are important matters to consider when looking toward the future. A family problem like divorce, alimony, or child custody can not only affect your present but also have a permanent impact on the rest of your life. With so much on the line, it's never been more important to consult with a knowledgeable attorney.

Preparing a detailed estate plan for your family's financial future is a wise decision to make. From drafting a will or creating a trust to drawing up legal documentation designating powers of attorney — starting the planning process today can save you and your loved ones stress in the future. Let me help you learn about your options and create an estate plan that is right for you.

When someone passes away, their will goes through the process of probate in order to distribute assets according to their wishes. There are times, however, when disputes arise and someone may wish to contest the will. In these situations, you need an experienced probate law attorney to help you navigate the complex details of the process.

To pursue the best outcome available to you in your important legal matters involving family law, mediation, probate, and estate planning, allow a skilled attorney to be your guide. I am proud to serve clients throughout the greater Groton, Massachusetts area. If you are in need of legal representation, call me at Bellerose Law Offices, P.C., today and schedule a consultation.